Grocery Program

Update your King Soopers online account to select Douglass Elementary PTO as your non-profit of choice!

Pick up your Safeway Gift Card at the school office or the next PTO Meeting!

King Soopers Community Rewards

King Soopers sends Douglass Elementary PTO a significant donation based on the percentage of all sales made with a linked loyalty card or rewards phone number that has selected us. For Douglass to receive credit for your purchases, please enroll your loyalty number in their COMMUNITY REWARDS program and assign DOUGLASS ELEMENTARY PTO as your recipient organization. Participating in the grocery program is a very easy way for ALL DOUGLASS FAMILIES to grow our contribution from KS through your regular grocery purchases. Please follow these steps today, and we can start earning the rewards with your next purchase at KS!

Here is how:

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Click the blue and green LINK YOUR SHOPPER’S CARD – GET STARTED button on the lower left side

STEP 3: Enter your login information, or create a login with password if you have not previously enrolled

STEP 4: Search for and Select DOUGLASS ELEMENTARY PTO as your community rewards organization

STEP 5: Select the blue ENROLL button below DOUGLASS ELEMENTARY PTO 

Safeway Reloadable Gift Cards

Safeway will provide us $5 for every $100 you spend!

Safeway reloadable gift cards make raising money for our school as easy as shopping!

Safeway cards raise significant funds for Douglass with no cost to you! Both grocery stores generously donate 5% to our school on every purchase you make. Simply reload (add value to) your card at the cash register prior to your first item being scanned. Reloading value to your card is done in a separate transaction and you can make payment with a credit card, debit card, check or cash.

We appreciate your participation in the Grocery Program and your willingness to take this extra little step to reload your grocery cards! Both King Soopers & Safeway offer our school the opportunity to earn FREE money that directly impacts our students this school year! There is no limit on the amount of money the Douglass community can earn! Imagine the possibilities… if a family reloads $1000 in groceries & gas each month the return is $600 to Douglass Elementary annually! If 100 families reload $600 per month Douglass earns $36,000! If 100 families reload $800 per month Douglass earns $48,000!

We do ask for $5 per Safeway gift card to cover the expense of the card purchase.


How do I get a Safeway card?

Cards can be picked up from the Douglass Elementary office or by contacting 

Heather Blackwelder at

How do I use the card?

The grocery cards come preloaded with $5. PRIOR to checkout you reload (add value to) your card, in a separate transaction, at the cash register or customer service desk*. You can reload your card with any amount up to $500. You can reload your card an unlimited number of times. Time saving tip: Reload your card monthly with the amount you budget for groceries and gas.

*If you reload your card at the customer service desk there is approximately a 5-minute delay for your card to be processed so it is easier to simply hand your card to the clerk at the register before they scan your groceries.

What if I lose my card?

Keep record of the # on the back of your card. Each card has an ID # that keeps track of your balance. If your card is lost, your money isn’t gone (provided someone did not find the card and use it immediately). If your card is lost the balance can be retrieved from the computer, your old # retired and a new card is issued with the balance from your lost card. Remember that the balance needs to be transferred to a card linked to Douglass PTO.

How do I check the balance on my card?

There are four ways to check the balance: the bottom of your most recent receipt by calling 1-800 229-5855 (Safeway); or your cashier can check the balance.

What can be purchased with Safeway reloadable cards?

Safeway cards can be used for the purchase of groceries, gas, and postage stamps. (They may not be used for money orders, gift cards, Western Union, lottery tickets or reloadable Visas or Mastercards.)

Can I use my Safeway card to purchase gasoline?

Yes! There are fuel centers at several stores in Boulder County.

Safeway Fuel Stations:


Cards with a zero balance for 90 days become inactive. If this happens you will need a new card.

Only reloadable grocery gift cards purchased through Douglass PTO will be linked to our school for the 5% rebate.

If a card gets demagnetized you will need to use the remaining balance on the card and then get a new card from the school office.

You can continue to earn frequent flyer miles or reward points when using a credit card to reload your Safeway card.

Friends and family, even those in other states, can support Douglass Elementary. Cards linked to Douglass PTO can be distributed to anyone wishing to support our school.

Thank you for your support! 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Heather Blackwelder at