Green Star Eco-Cycle

The Green Star School program was started by Eco Cycle to promote recycling, composting, and other waste reduction activities in our school. In the fall of 2015, Douglass was awarded an Eco-Cycle Green Star grant for continued support of the Green Star School program, recycling hard-to-recycle materials at the Eco-Cycle's Center for Hard to Recycle Materials. We've also done a great educating our community on the many ways we can reduce, reuse, and recycle resources. Way to go Douglass! Keep up the good work in reducing the amount of waste heading to our landfills!

Douglass Elementary's 'Green Star' Mission Statement

  • Minimize the amount of landfill waste produced by our school through school wide recycling, composting and waste reduction activities/actions.

  • Ensure all of our school wide events are zero waste.

  • Educate our students, staff and parent community on ways to be good stewards of the earth via environmental awareness and education.

  • Be a model Green Star School