Reject implementation of the BVSD 5th Grade Music Choice Model.

Post date: Oct 24, 2015 6:51:50 PM

Students receive very different but equally important benefits from Instrumental Music (IM) and General Music (GM) instruction. The BVSD fifth-grade students should not be denied the benefits of either. From the BVSD website: “Individual student success is the cornerstone of BVSD’s new strategic plan. From early childhood education to maximizing opportunities for students as they prepare for graduation, BVSD is focused on maximizing every student’s potential to succeed.” Taking away the potential to learn from, and reap the benefits of, both general music and instrumental music reduces the very opportunities that BVSD professes to want for all students.

Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument (Instrumental Music Education)

Increases memory capacity * Refines time management and organizational skills * Increases teamwork/collaborative skills * Teaches perseverance (grit) * Enhances coordination * Betters mathematical abilities * Improves reading and comprehension skills * Increases sense of responsibility * Exposes students to cultural history * Sharpens concentration * Fosters self-expression * Relieves stress * Creates a sense of achievement * Promotes social skills * Enhances listening skills * Teaches discipline * Reduces stage fright, thereby increasing confidence and performance skills * Enhances respiratory system * Promotes happiness of the student and others * Boosts grades and test scores * Increases graduation rates

Benefits of General Music Education

Teaches students how music is structured and organized vs. teaching the techniques of producing sound * Teaches vocal skills * Teaches music theory * Teaches music history and ethnomusicology * Creates the opportunity for students to perform musical productions * Teaches basics of rhythm and notation (building chords, key signatures, melodies and harmonies) * Improves listening skills * Promotes music appreciation

BVSD parents have rejected cutting music education two times within the past decade. Please listen to these voices and reject this latest effort to cut 5th grade music.

Thank you for your time and attention.

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