Encourage Your Legislators to Go Back to School!!!

Post date: Mar 17, 2016 3:25:29 PM

A whole lot has changed in our schools recently: new standards, tests, teacher evaluations, mandates, and expectations -- all of it while school funding has been cut.

These developments -- most of them resulting from decisions of the state legislature -- have been so vast and so fast that there's really no way to understand them without stepping inside a school building.

We think it's time to send our legislators back to school. On school tours, our legislators can see successes and challenges in Colorado classrooms and learn from parents, teachers, students, and administrators about the impact that state policies are having on Colorado's schools and students.

Please take 30 seconds to use the tool below to encourage your Senator and Representative to take the time to get a closer look at what our kids experience everyday -- and to thank the ones who already have.

The website to send the letters to our local legislators, and to send to other elected officials is: