Education Budget Help- Got 10 minutes??

Post date: Mar 22, 2017 1:42:47 PM

As the legislative session continues in Colorado, public school funding is a pressing issue

More info from BVSD can be found here on their Legislative Update page:

We encourage you to speak up and talk to our Budget Committee members and let them know that we want more more funds allocated to education

AND to support measures to amend TABOR so that more funds can be kept for education.

More speaking points can be found here:

The Joint Budget Committee members and the districts they represent are as follows:

Representative Dave Young (D)

District 50 - Weld County


Representative Millie Hamner, Vice-Chair (D)

District 61 - Delta, Gunnison, Lake, Pitkin, and Summit Counties


Representative Bob Rankin (R)

District 57 - Garfield, Moffat, and Rio Blanco Counties


Senator Kent Lambert, Chair (R)

District 9 - El Paso County


Senator Kevin Lundberg District 15 - Larimer County (R)


Senator Dominic Moreno (D)

District 21 - Adams County


Link to this year's joint budget committee can be found here

And that includes links to their websites as well.

This should take 10 minutes of your time and we are also including a sample email to help -


As a parent and voter in Colorado, we are extremely concerned by the state of our public education. Colorado is 41st in the nation for per pupil spending and it's taking a toll on students, teachers, and administrators. The funds taken from the educational budget 7 years ago have not been replaced even though our economy is thriving again. Schools are being stretched too thin and our future leaders are not getting what they need to be leaders in our world.

I implore you to allocate more money for education, to help stop the wasteful money being spent on needless testing, and to support TABOR reform that would allow the state to put more money back into education. Colorado is an amazing state - let's show the rest of the country this is true by becoming one of the best in education.

I hope you can find 10 minutes in your day to do this for your child's education and public school funding. Thanks for all your time and effort on this issue!