Douglass Caring Club

The Caring Club will meet after school one Thursday each month. The idea for this club came about after reading a few articles about other schools throughout the country starting Caring Clubs. I think it takes little effort with large results. If you would like your student(s) to join our club please sign up online by clicking the following link. 
       Caring Club Sign Up Here​

GOAL: To spread random acts of kindness throughout Douglass Elementary

ACTIVITIES (examples): Write nice notes to the office staff, draw pictures for the custodians and craft kindness bookmarks to hide in the library.

PURPOSE: To perpetuate a positive, inclusive environment for our elementary students.

WANTED: Any interested elementary students, including kindergartners. We really need five 5th graders interested in being grade leads to help each younger grade with the caring activity.

2015-16 SCHEDULE - 2:30PM–3:30PM
Coming Soon...

If you are interested or have question, please contact Jen Urbonas at